Bengali romantic love letter Collection

Here is the best collection of Bengali romantic love letter for boyfriend and girlfriend. Read out our comprehensive list of the most romantic love letters in Bengali fonts. Once the love begins many lovers look forward to sending romantic love letters for her. Here’s a list of 20 written Bangla love letter idea for an exotic time with your better half.  To help couples find the Bengali romantic love letter for husband, wife, girlfriend, and boyfriend, check the love letter pdf list from below.

Bengali romantic love letter

Since the first instant My beloved (name) I love and adore you. Ever since I first laid eyes on you I was certain they would never again picture sweeter image. Your beauty and finesse seduced me right away. Your voice reached my ears like the sweetest melody, beating the lustful pulse of my aching heart. Ever since that first glance my life shifted as a whole because in an instant I understood what love really is, because I understood that when love and joy are shared, move intensely they become, and that grief and hardship are a lesser burden when faced with clarity and trust.


Loving you makes me feel safer and more alive. Bring me the courage to search, in purest spring, the water that will quench our trust, the strength to reach for the ripest fruit that insisted in growing in the highest branch, energy to overcome each and every obstacle and to have a forever open chest and a willing heart to keep you warm, body and soul, always. I will always be aware of this love and a constant readiness to review this feeling is a promise, of a truthful worship I have towards you. Have absolute certainty that my biggest fulfillment is knowing that I can make you the happiest woman and the most beloved in this earth because I dedicate my seconds to this goal. Receive this with all my love! With care, (signature)

bengali love letter


Bengali love letter for Girlfriend

Love’s true path My sweet and Darling (name) Today I feel very happy because I notice at each and every instant the importance you represent to me and the strength you transmit, so that I can face whichever obstacle without fear or insecurity, moved only by an infinite will to make you as happy as I feel this minute. You are gorgeous and adorable, capable of making me realize how good it is to feel alive, how good it is that your presence makes me grow and transform into a better person, capable of turning dreams into reality and make the result of those dreams, now shared by us both, and eternalizing then into an ambience of harmony, care, and love. My life without you would lack meaning, lack sense. Without you I would be nothing but a wandering errant, searching for the path that could lead me to happiness’s door.

Bengali love letter for ex-girlfriend

But with you around, by my side, close to me, I’m certain of having made the right, safer and yet romantic choice. I feel that all this love and care, that I share here with you, goes both ways and it fills my heart with peace and joy. Gazing endlessly into your deep yet sweet eyes, I realize the tender and pure light that pours from your heart and soul. I shall never let this feeling that joins us perish. Never, by any chance, let us drift away from love’s true path, built on complicity and affection. I love you and forever will! Love, (signature)


Bengali love letter for Wife

You introduced me to love My darling (name) Starring at the past, in comparison with who I am today, that person I was, before meeting you, clearly shows how much I love you and how important you are to me. In times like these, I see how much I involved and how much you taught me. With no great effort, without any resource or maybe without even knowing, you transformed me into a better and happier man.

Yes, my darling, you did this, by filling my soul, until then futile and empty, with solid concepts of humanity, generosity, and clarity. Somehow, you filled that empty soul with the most fertile of seeds and made then grow here in my chest. That’s why I spare no expense in keeping you, always by my side, because the person that showed me what love is, is precisely the one that deserves all the love in the world because she carries only light and sweetness in her noble heart. You bring me peace and serenity because you are able to transmit, every day and every hour, the certainty that it’s thrilling to be alive. When I look at you I breathe and the certainty that to me, having your company, I will feel realized until the fullness of my soul. With all my love and my sincerest gratitude, Kiss (signature)

Bengali love letter for Boyfriend

bengali Romantic love letter bengali Romantic love letter1


Love that inspires me As I have the afternoon off today, I missed you more than on any other day. I decided to write this letter to address the lack of being with you. Today, on this sunny afternoon, I feel inspired and I decided to write to you, because as I confess my love I feel some relief, and it almost looks like I’m talking to you. It is for me a conversation that I can have with you from a far, and I know that when you receive this, you will call me right away. I’m sadder on this lonely afternoon, dreaming of your physical presence, of your hugs and kisses which are my biggest nourishment.

Hungry for love, I await your arrival at any moment, so I will gorge myself on your caresses. The certainty that if you were by my side, everything would be different because it is next to you I feel more alive. I’m glad and happy as a bird; I go round and jump with glee. Thank you, my princess, for making me so happy. I ask God every day, that by lighting your way, he may always leave a little bit of light for me to be seen by your beautiful eyes, with the same love that I dedicate to you. My life was divided: insipid before I met you, but dazzling after the fortune of having conquered your love. Kisses from your happy boyfriend (Signature)

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Bengali love letter for husband


The last romantic man Dear (name), You were astoundingly beautiful on that night. I m so anxious for meeting you again that I cant wait to share with you my remarks on your graduation ball, how beautiful, heavenly and sublime you looked. You seemed to be floating around the hall while everyone else was tied to the ground, the orchestra particularly made for you. When I got into the place I almost immediately saw you and I knew for sure what I was about to experience. What a gorgeous woman I thought! That dress perfectly surrounding your body and your dancing so gracefully and beautifully I thought that had to be one of the rarest of things I d ever have the privilege to see in this life…

Honestly, at that moment I lost my voice, there I was with my mouth open like an idiot watching your show… When you gave me the opportunity to dance with you that waltz, I could hardly believe that was really happening to me, it seemed there was no one but us dancing in the room, a true perfect couple! It was thrilling and exciting what I felt that night. It was your princess day and I was the luckiest vassal, the happiest man in the party. Expressing myself in such a formal way, you may be not recognizing me. But it was your majestic presence and not the suit and tie that transformed me in such a gentleman, the last romantic guy in the world. Alright, I m just prattling, that s all gibberish, it shouldn’t be this hard to tell you how much I love you! Kisses, (signature)


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