Hindu baby boy names With Meaning

Are you looking for newborn baby boy unique names hindu? At present, a large number of people are searching the internet for Hindu baby boy names. Today’s in this article We will provide you more than 500 baby boy names hindu starting with a, s, k and many more. So, this post will help you if you are worried about baby boy name with meaning. Every parent wants to find out a unique and popular name for their boys. Because a name is not only a name it is the sign of glory. For this reason, the parent wants to find out a famous name as well. In Indian subcontinent 140 million Hindu lives. So, it is very difficult to get a unique hindu boy name in 2019. Today our aim is to help to choose the best name for your child.

hindu baby boy names


Hindu baby boy names

However, we have collected indian baby boy names from a different source so that you can select the right name for your boys. Also, we have sorted name according to alphabetically so that you can find name easily.

Hindu baby boy names starting with a

This is an uncommon and unique collection of hindu name boys staring with a. From the below chart you will get your desire baby boy name starting with aa.

Atiksh Wise
Atithi Guest
Atma Soul
Atmajyoti light of the soul
Avanindra King of Earth
Avashesh Remainder
Avatar Holy Incarnation
Avichal Unmovable
Avinash Immortal
Avirat Continuous
Aranab Ocean
Ambar Sky
Amal As pure as white; Unblemished; Hope; Aspiration
Advik Unique
Aniruddha without obstacles
Aarush The first ray of the winter sun
Ayog Auspicious time
Ashwaghosh Name of Buddhist philosopher
Asav Essence
Aak Nature, Sky
Amik Boy
Amako Boy
Aaif fearless
Aala supreme
Aama accomplish
Aadesh Instruction
Aadhishankar Sri Shakaracharya
Aagman arrival
Aagney Born of fire
Aakaash Sky
Aakarshan Attraction
Aashray Shelter
Abhay Fearless
Abhijat Noble
Abhik Beloved
Abhinandan Congratulations
Abhisar Companion
Abhyas Study
Achal Stable
Achalraj Himalayan mountain
Akhil Entire
Akshan eyes
Alok Cry of Victory
Amani Wishes
Amarnath Immortal god
Ambar Sky
Ambikapathi Lord Shiva
Ambuj Lotus
Amil Rich
Amish Honest
Amitabh Boundless shine
Amitesh Infinite God
Amod Happiness
Amod Happiness
Amolik Priceless
Amoorta Formless
Amresh Lord Indira
Amshul Bright
Amul Priceless
Anirudh Boundless
Arpan Offer
Atanu Cupid
Ayog Auspicious time
Ayudh Weapon
Ayush Long lived

Hindu baby boy names starting with b

Most Popular and used Hindu Baby Boy Names Ideas List Starting with b letter with its Meaning.

Name Meaning
Balan Youthful
Bakool Flower
Baadal Cloud
Bali Brave, Lord of strength
Bhav Emotion; All Upon God; Lord Shiva
Bodhan Kindling
Bibin One who thinks big
Barun Lord of Sea
Balveer Strong
Balaaditya Young Sun; Young Man
Braj Place of Lord Krishna
Baalkrishna Young Krishna
Badri Lord Krishna
Bahar Spring
Bahula A star
Bakool Flower
Baru Brave, Noble
Bert Bright, Brilliant
Bimb Halo
Bisma Courageous
Bivan Full of life
Blram Brave
Bodha Knowledge, Intelligent
Boney Pleasant, Charming
Brian Strong, Honourable
Brody Waterway, Unusual beard
Bhuv Sky, Heaven
Basil King, Basil the herb
Bharg Bright, Brilliance
Banaj Lotus
Baneet Polite
Banshi Flute
Balik Young Boy
Bankim Not straight
Bahula A star
Bhagwant Fortunate
Bhajan Adoration
Bhanu Sun
Bharat India
Bhargav Lord Shiva
Bhaskar Name of the Sun
Bhaswan Bright
Bhavan Palace
Bhavan Palace
Bheru Friend
Bhim One of Pandavas
Bhooshan Ornaments
Bhooshit Decorated
Bhoumik Land owner
Bhupal King
Bhuvan The World
Bhuvaneshwar Lord of the world
Bibin One who thinks big
Bilva A sacred leaf
Bimal Pure
Bipin Forest
Birbal Brave heart
Birju Nice Singer
Bisaj Lotus
Bodhan Kindling
Brahma Creator of Universe
Budhil Learned

Hindu boy names starting with c

For your newborn baby Boy find out our list of Hindu baby Boy names starting with c and select the best Hindu name.

Name Meaning
Cedi Intelligent, Pleasant
Caksu Eye
Ceina Innocent
Chari Lovable, Intelligent, Gracious
Choska Exact, Alert
Chuman Curious
Coshel Perfect in any task
Chagala Goat, A Sage
Chinshu Calm prefecture
Charun One with beautiful eyes
Chakor A bird enamored of the moon
Capin Armed with a Bow
Chet Camp of the Soldiers
Charmin Sport
Chayan To Choose; Selection
Chirush God
Chaitnik Peaceful mind
Chinya Sing
Chaksu Eye
Charat On the Way to Victory; Success
Cholan A south indian dynasty
Chintav Lamp
Chahel Good cheer
Chellan Precious
Chakresh Lord Vishnu

Hindu boy names starting with d

Find the perfect name for your baby boy . Here is the list of Indian baby boy names starting with d which are unique and sophisticated

Name Meaning
Daana Wise and Prudent
Daber Roots, Lineage, Ancestory
Dagen Black-Haired
Damik Earth, Land, Field
Danen Talented
Dhinkrith Sun
Dhevan Godly
Devaj From God
Dayada Son, Inheritor
Daruk Tree
Daaruk charioteer of Krishna, tree
Danuj Born of Danu, Danava
Darpak Kamdev, god of love
Debjit One who has conquered Gods
Danvir Charitable
Dahana a rudra
Dakshi The glorious
Deep Superior to Infinity; A Lamp
Datta one who is given
Dhairya Patience
Devrat Spiritual
Divit Immortal
Dasya A gift of God
Danav Gentlemen
Dwit Second
Dara has Smile
Dayaal Kind-hearted
Darsh Lord Krishna
Damian Tamer
Daiwik By the grace of God
Daman One who Controls
Daya Mercy
Darshan Vision
Dhairya Patience
Dayanand Merciful
Danvir Charitable
Dakshi The Glorious
Darshit Seen
Deeksha Offering
Deepak Light
Devansh Part of God

Hindu boy names starting with e

Modern Indian Boy Names Starting With eBaby Names With Their Meanings,

Name Meaning
Ekraj Leader, Emperor
Ezhil High determination power
Ekansh Whole, Universe
Elilan Handsome
Evan Young warrior
Eakam Singer
Eerav Faith
Evavad Truthful
Eashana Lord Shiva
Ekaagar Resolute
Esh God
Ednit Evolved
Ehimay All pervasive
Ekaant soliltary
Ekani One
Ekaaksh one eyed, Shiva
Ekanath king
Ekapad Lord Shiva
Edhas Happiness
Ednit Evolved
Earaja Herb
Ehan Expected
Ekatan Closely attentive
Eshin Understanding Mind; Wisdom Mind
Ekram Honour
Evyavan Lord Vishnu
Eshan Passion Of The Sun
Ekagrah Focussed
Ekanga a bodyguard

Hindu boy names starting with f

The largest resource of Hindu and Indian boy and girl baby names, You will find here names starting with f.

Name Meaning
Faiyaz Artistic
Falak The heavens above
Faaz Victorious
Fazan Ruler
Faaris Horseman; Knight
Falgu Lovely
Farokh Power Of Discrimination
Fawzi Triumph
Fayyim Strong
Feoras Smooth Rock
Fateh Victory
Firyal Adornment
Fatik Crystal
Farid Unique; Matchless; Wide
Farvardin First month of Iranian calendar
Faatin Captivating
Faham Wise; Considerate; Intellect
Falan Beautiful; Great
Falaq Top Edge
Faruh Happiness
Firoh Happiness; Joy
Fairuz Victorious; Triumphant
Fravash Guardian Angel
Fawaz Successful
Fahad Panther
Fahim Prudent
Faisal Won
Faiza Victorious
Fajar Brave
Fakht Moonlight
Fakir A saintly person
Falak Sky
Falan Beautiful
Falgun Month in Hindu calendar
Faquid Intelligent
Faras Good Gift
Fardeen One Who has Triple Strength
Fareed Happiness
Farhaat Joy
Farhan Happiness
Farid Unique
Faris Knight
Farmaan Edict
Farozan Luminous
Farshad Happy
Farud Solitary
Farukh Happy
Faryaad asking for help
Farzam Befitting
Farzin learned

Hindu boy names starting with g

If you are searching for Hindu names for boys starting with g, this page will be the right place. we provide you the Hindu Baby Names with meaning

Name Meaning
Ghaith Rain
Ghazi Conqueror
Gaureesh Lord Shiva
Gunav Goon ki adhikari
Galav To worship
Goral Lovable, charming
Gavy White Falcon
Gupil Secret
Ghalib Victor
Gogal Vocal chords
Ganak Astrologer
Gatik Fast
Girik Lord Shiva
Gahan Lord Vishnu
Gadin Lord Krishna
Galav Ebony, Strong, To worship, A sage
Gagan Sky
Gurudatt Bestowed by guru
Garg Name of a saint
Giriraj King of mountains
Gorakh Cowherd
Garth Keeper of the Garden; An Enclosed Yard; Garden; Protection; Enclosure
Ghasi Happy to the Point
Gishi Respected Person
Guvid Rich
Ganendra Lord of a troop
Geeth Song, Poem, Chant
Gaurik Lord Ganesh
Gannon The God of silence
Geetansh Part of Song
Gadhadar Lord Vishnu
Gadin Lord Krishna
Gagan Sky
Gahan Lord Vishnu
Gajab Amazing
Gajendra Elephant
Ganak Astrologer
Gandharva Master of Music
Gandiva The Bow of Arjuna
Gangadatt Gift of the Ganges
Gangadhar Shiva
Gangeya Son of River Ganga
Ganik Flower
Garg Name of a saint
Garjan Thunder
Garud The King Of Birds
Garv Pride
Gatha Narration
Gatik Fast
Gatleen Merged in Freedom
Gaurang Fair Complexioned
Gaurish Lord Shiva
Gayan Singing
Ghalib Excellent
Girijanandan Son of Lord Ganesha

Hindu boy names starting with h

Here’s a list of some beautiful Hindu baby boy names. Choose a meaningful starting with h.

Name Meaning
Hitesh Lord of goodness
Haady Guiding to the right
Heer Powerful
Hadi The guide
Houd A prophet’s name
Haib Greatness
Havish Lord Shiva
Hardik heartfelt
Harij The horizon
Hiran Gold
Hrutesh Lord of springs, Lord of truth
Harin Pure
Hakesh Lord of sound
Hansal God is gracious, Swan like
Hansin The universal soul
Hanvesh Very soft mind
Hariom Lord Vishnu
Harshat Happiness
Homa Oblation
Haresh Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva
Hakesh Lord of sound
Hariraj King of lions, Brave
Hansin Universal soul
Himnish Lord Shiva
Hutesh God of the earth
Hemil Gold
Harshill Joyful
Haadiya Guide to righteousness
Haakesh Lord of sound
Habeeb Beloved
Hana Happiness
Hanan Mercy
Hans Swan
Hanshal Swan-like
Hansin The Universal soul
Hara The Remover of sins
Haraiksha Lord Shiva
Harbinder Absorbed in God
Hardik Heartful
Hareendra Lord Shiva
Haresh Lord Krishna
Haridyan One absorbed in god
Harij Horizon
Harilal Son Of Hari
Harindra A Tree
Harkeerath God’s song
Harman Resides in everyone’s heart
Harit Green
Harjeet Victorious
Harmendra Moon
Haroon Hope
Harsha Joy
Harshul Deer
Harteij Radiance of Lord
Hasan Laughter
Hasmukh Full of Cheer
Havish Lord Shiva
Hemadri Mountain of gold
Hemant The beautiful season of the year
Hemaprakash Golden Light
Hemayu One with a long life
Hemen The King of Gold

Hindu boy names starting with i

Find the unique & popular baby Hindu Boys Names Starting with S with Urdu & English meanings

Name Meaning
Ibhanan Lord ganesh
Ichaa Desire
Idaspati God of rain -vishnu
Idhant Luminous
Idhyah The name means ‘praiseworthy’ in Sanskrit.
Ihit One who is honored
Ijay Lord vishnu
Ijya The name also has the meaning ‘dispeller of evil minded enemies’.
Ikesh Unique
Ikjeet It is a Sikh name that means victorious
Ikshan Sight
Ikshit One who does actions that are visible to all
Ikshu Sugarcane
Ilakiyen Tamil name that means, one who has literary skills
Ilamaran Brave Young Man
Ilamathi Brave Young Woman
Ilango Name of a Chera prince
Ilashpasti Lord of the earth
Ilavalagan Attractive Man
Ilavarasan Ilavarasan is a Tamil boy’s name that means prince
Ilayaraj Prince
Ilayaraja Ilayaraja is a Tamil name that means prince
Ilesh Lord of earth
Ilisa King of the earth
Imaran Having great strength
Ina Lord surya
Inakanta Beloved of sun
Inbanathan Tamil name for sweet boy
Indarmeet Friend of the almighty God
Indarpal Preserver Of God
Indarpreet Love For God
Indarprem Love For God
Indeevar It is used to denote a blue lotus
Indeever Blue lotus
Inder Kant Inderkant refers to Lord Indra

Hindu boy names starting with j

Find the perfect name for your baby boy or girl from a list of Indian baby names ideas with FirstCry’s Baby Names starting with j.

Name Meaning
Jaai Jaai signifies Victory
Jaaijit Jaaijit implies Victor
Jabaar One who consoles others
Jabar One who consoles others
Jabarr One who consoles others
Jabbaar One who consoles others
Jag Man of the world
Jag Jeevan Life of the world
Jagachandra Moon of the universe
Jagadayu Lifespring of the universe

Hindu boy names starting with k

Thousands of Hindu Sanskrit baby boy names of Lord Shiva – Hindi Names with meaning. Many of the starting with k. Read More: Bengali baby boy names

Name Meaning
Kaalappan It is a South Indian name that is used to imply, “The father of time”
Kaalathi A Tamil name that implies,’from the beginning of time’
Kaaliya A huge serpent
Kaalki One of many names of Lord Narayana
Kaamaari Sanskrit name that means, ‘Enemy of lust’
Kaami Wishes or Desires that are fulfilled are implied by the name Kaami
Kaamjaa A pleasant and approachable person
Kaan Rad
Kaanan Forest
Kaanishik It is a variant of the name Kanishka. He was an ancient Indian King.

Hindu boy names starting with L

We have compiled nearly 350 of the best Hindu Baby Boy names for yours. If you are looking for baby boy names instead of as a Hindu visit this link instead.

Name Meaning
Laabh Profit
Laal It is  a Hindu name meaning ‘dear’ or ‘beloved’
Laalamani Ruby
Laavanya Beauty
Labaka It means ‘ a person with a melodious, pleasant voice’
Labh Gain
Labhsha It is a Hindu name that means ‘ one with a good heart’
Lachman A name of the younger brother of Lord Rama. It is a variant of the name Lakshman.
Lagan Appropriate time
Lahar Wave

Hindu boy names starting with m

Including Top Baby Boy Names and Unique Baby Boy Names Beginning with m

See more: bengali baby girl names

Name Meaning
Maadhakrishnan Devotee of Lord Shiva and Krishna 100
Maadhav Another name of krishna 289
Maadhavan Synonym of Lord Shiva 47
Maagh Name of a hindu month 84
Maahesh One who leads 51
Maahi The great one 106
Maalav 95
Maalin A garland maker by profession 33
Maalolan Name of deity in ahobilam 59
Maan Mind


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