Muslim Baby Boy Names With Meaning

Looking for Muslim baby boy names? Have a look at popular Islamic names for boys from here. Check our Islamic names list for boys. We have a collection of 2500 Muslim baby names. searching for short and sweet Islamic baby names which are not so easy. Naming your baby boy can be an exciting time. Read on to know more about a few Muslim names and meanings for your little baby boy that you may like.

When it comes to choosing Islamic baby names for boys, there are rules You have to follow. The first things are that the name should be meaningful. Then it must be originated from Islam.

If you’re looking for Islamic names with meaning for your future son, here have tons of boy names to choose from, complete with meanings.

So, get popular Muslim child names, Muslim baby Boy names ideas, list of Muslim Boy names along with its meaning. Many people also searching for modern Muslim boy names. From the below name list you will find new modern Muslim boy names.

Muslim Baby Boy Names

Muslim baby boy names

Short and Sweet boy names from the holy Quran. All names are organized alphabetically with their meanings so that anyone can select the desired name very quickly.

Muslim boy names starting with A

See our list of modern and new modern Muslim baby names you can give your baby.

Aaarabisk A person who is wishful and healthy
Aaban Name of the Angel, 8th Persian month, the angel of iron,
Aabdar Name aabdar has a quranic origin which means Moonlight,
Aabdeen Worshipper
Aabid The word aabid means powerful, complete, worshipper of all…
Aabideen Zainul abidin is a Islam name for baby Boy and meaning is Or…
Aabinus Meaning of word aabinus is Ebony, Dark colored
Aabis aabis has the meaning of lucky, it also means grim-faced,…
Aadam Malay version of Adam, meaning ‘father of mankind’.
Aadeel aadeel means Righteous and Just, it also means “one who act…
Aadheen The word aadheen means obedient, one who complies with common…
Aadhil The name means “one who acts with justice and fairness”, “…
Aadil aadil means righteous, high in moral and virtuous, suggesting…
Aadroop aadroop means embodiment or typing of beginningless
Aafaaq Horizons
Aafiya the person who has a very sound body and health
Aaftab the name means sunlight or the Sun
Aagha The word means Someone in control over something, Lord, ch…
Aaghaa The name aaghaa means Someone in control over something,

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Muslim boy names starting with B

We have put together a hand-picked selection of the best Abaric Islamic baby boy names unique and complete with the meaning.

Baashir One known for his bravery and loyalty.
Baaz Falcon
Babrak Babrak is the Pashto word of the little basilica flower
Bacha Bacha, also the name of a famous Pashtun leader, means king
Badam It is Pashto for almond.
Baddar One who’s always on time. A punctual man.
Badeed Sample, or specimen
Badia One who is a marvel of the time
Badih Able to improvise, or one who is witty and creative.
Badilayn Badilayn is an Arabic name, meaning substitutes, or replacements.
Badr A learner; also the name of the full moon
Badr al Din The full moon of the faith.
Badr al Din One who is like the full moon of faith
Baha al Din The beauty of faith or a helper or supporter.
Bahadir One who is brave and valiant
Bahhath Examiner
Bahili Student of Great Muhammad
Bahirun A brilliant, lucid, and renowned person.
Bahlawan One who is excellent in acrobatics, an acrobat.
Bahlul One who smiles often, or one who does a lot of good deeds.
Bahnam A reputable and honorable person.
Bahrawar Someone with a big heart
Bahrudin Glow of faith
Bahuj A Saint’s name; efficient
Baizhan A rich soul
Bajala One who is honored or venerated.
Bakarah A happy and versatile person
Bakhtari A narrator of Hadith had this name.
Bakkar A reciter of Quran had this name.
Bako A Nigerian term meaning guest.
Bakshish Divine Blessing; Gift; Donation; To Tip; Present
Bakyt Happiness or luck
Bakytbek Happy chief
Bakytzhan A happy soul
Balach One with beautiful locks of hair
Baleel Moisture
Balta An ax

Islamic names with meaning

Muslim boy names starting with E

We have even included some modern Islamic baby boy names starting with E. You will have a few to try out and see how he likes them.

Ebadaah It means Prayer to Allah
Edhem Dark-skinned, black
Eessa Lebanese variation of Jesus. It means devoted to God.
Ehsaan One who strives for perfection or excellence
Ejlaal To honor, To exalt
Ejub Bosnian version of the name Ayub. It means returning to God, repenting.
Ekrem He who is most noble or most respected.
Elaf Safety, or security
Eldar One who is born to fight with fire
Elend The first ray of the sun in the morning.
Elind Dawn
Elsadig this means one who is disciplined and dedicated.
Elsamhudi the meaning of this name is love of Allah.
Elsheikhidris the meaning of this name is leader or a born prince of Allah.
Elsueki this means god is my love.
Elvedin Benevolence of faith or gift.
Elyas this name means the Biblical Elijah in Islam or lord is my god.
Emad this name means to support or pillar or confidence.

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Muslim boy names starting with F

Fahad A panter-like man
Faa A surprassing, excellent person
Faadhil A generous, praiseworthy man
Faaiq A person who surpasses other peopel
Faaiz A victorious, triumphiant man
Faakhir He is a great person
Faarees One who is a Knight, a good horsemn
Faareh A man with a happy personality
Faarih A person who is full of joy
Faaris A cavalier who is a great horsman
Faarooq A man who knows the difference between right a wrong
Faateer A person who makes thinks, creator
Faateh A man who is born to conqueror things
Faatih A person who conquers,opens and initiates things
Faatir A maker. A person who creates things in life
Faaz A person who is a sucessful victor in life
Fadahunsi The king’s favor
Fadee A gallant man who is self-sacrificing
Fadel Honorable
Fadgham A tall and handsome man
Fadheeler A man who always wins
Fadhil An abundant person
Fadhiler A man of virtue and excellence
Fadhl A man who is gracious and giving
Fadhlan A gift from God
Fadi A person who redeemed himself for previous actions

Muslim boy names starting with G

Calling your lovely boy with unique names is a trend of all-time. Some people like Arabic nicknames, some pick up Quranic ones, while some like Islamic nicknames starting with G. In other words, Muslim Names play their part in sharing their feelings with each other, as well as strengthen the feeling of love.

Gadiel God is my fortune
Gahez Morning
Gamal Camel
Gamali Camel
Ganib Blessed by rich loot or winnings
Gedi A bunch of beautiful flowers
Ghaalib Victor
Ghaazi Conqueror
Ghafran Ghafran is an attributive name of prophet Muhammad. It means absolution or salvation.
Ghafur To forgive
Ghakhtalay One who is strong and powerful
Ghalib Victor
Ghamay Name of a precious stone in Pashto
Ghani A rich, wealthy and prosperous person
Gharsanay One belonging to the mountains

Muslim boy names starting with H

This time we have come up with 30 unique Islamic names for your boys. They are extremely catchy, modern Muslim baby names, and your beloved will love all of them.

Hussain An erly leader of Islam
Haamid Praising, loving associated with god, one who offers approval
Haan Rooster; name of a place
Haani Content, delighted, happy
Haanish Delighted, pleased, happy
Haard Feelings of the heart
Haarith A lion that digs into the earth
Haarun Warrior lion, combatant, fighter
Haasim One who live the life with zeal, ardor and enthusiasm.
Habib Beloved; Sweetheart; Friend; Darling; A variant of Habeeb
Hadees Speech or dialogue of the almighty.
Haissam A sharp sword.
Hakeem Wise, Intelligent, wisdom
Hakim One of God’s Ninety-nine Names
Hamdija The praised one.
Hamees One who is brave, courageous and bold.
Hamra Fair Woman, Red
Hamza strong, steadfast, Loin
Hani One with a delightful behavior.

new muslim boy names

Muslim boy names starting with i

Ibad ur Rehman Worshiper of Allah, or devoted servant of Allah.
Ibrahim A variant of Ebrahim, meaning father of many nations .
Idrak To comprehend, or to understand.
Idrees Variant of the name Idris. It means one who instructs or teaches.
Iesa Name of a Muslim prophet.
Iffaan Time, season or weather.
Ige Born feet first
Ihtishaam One who has a splendid or magnificent personality.
Ijaaz Miracle, astonishment, or magnanimity.
Ijtiba One who is chosen, elected or approved.
Ikhlaaq A man with good demeanor and moral virtues.
Ikrimah Pigeon
Ilm Knowledge
Imad Pillar, support or mainstay
Imam Leader or chief

Muslim boy names starting with M

Mustafa Mustafa is the epithet of Prophet Muhammad. It means the chosen one.
Maheer A brave bold and courageous man
Mahir A person who has many different skills
Mahmud He who is praised and worthy of adoration
Mahzar Pronouncement; Declaration or Opinion
Maier Bright and shining
Maieveen A variant spelling is Maievin which is a surname
Makaarim A variant of name Makarim which means Of good and honorable character
Makan Place; The name is used 28 times in Quran; A variant of name Makaan
Malang Mystic, saint, someone who is extremely passionate about something
Malick A variant of name Malik; God; The King; Above all earthly rulers
Maliki A variant of name Malik; God; The King; Above all earthly rulers; Owner
Malko King
Malyar An occupational term for gardener
Manaal Attainment; Achievement; A variant spelling is Manal; Success; Triumph
Manaar Guiding Light; Bright Light; Radiance; Luminance
Mansoor One who is protected by God
Manzoor A person who is accepted and even admired by others
Man’nah Angel’s food.
Maraam Aspiration; Wish; Desire
Masab Name of a friend of Prophet Muhammad.
Maumettu A variant of Muhammad, meaning praised or to praise.
Maymuun One who is blessed, thriving, prosperous.
Maysoon A noble hearted, generous lady, daughter of al-Muzaffar; To walk with a proud
Mazar Name of a Medes general.
Mehaboob He who is beloved
Mehmed Praised
Mehrang Color of the sun.
Mehshid The sun
Mensur Victorious
Mert Mert comes from the Persian word mard and means manly or man.
Mesich Turkish form of Mohammed. It means praise or praiseworthy.
Mido Praiseworthy
Minatbar A boy who is grateful and appreciative
Mirac Ascension

Muslim Baby Boy Names starting with R

Raafe A good companion
Raahim One who is compassionate, kind and merciful.
Raed Pioneer; Explorer; Leader; Guide; Pathfinder; Chief Commander
Rafa’ah High
Rafeeq A kind person
Rafiqh A variant spelling is Rafiq which means Friend, Companion, Gentle, Kind
Raheeq A smart, handsome and elegant man.
Rakeem A variant spelling of the Quranic name Raqeem; Said to be derived from Raheem which means compassionate
Ramaz Ramaz is the Georgian form of Ramadan. It means parchedness, scorchedness. It comes from the name of the ninth month of the Islam calendar
Rameel Mercy of God; God is gracious; Kindness of God
Ramees Winter; A variant of name Rameez which means Prince
Ramiz (Arabic)-Learned; Dignified; Honored; Respected; A variant spelling is Ramez
Rashad Thinker; Counselor; Having good judgment; Good sense and good guidance
Rasheed Thinker; Counselor; Having good judgment; Good sense and good guidance; Wise and Prudent
Rasil Messenger; God Sent
Rateeb One who arranges, puts things in place
Raunaq To enjoy beauty. pomp, luster
Raushan Bright like the light of the sky
Rawahah A person who is easy to please
Rayi Amazing
Rayn The heaven’s gate’s name
Razzaq The provider of live’s necessities
Rebin Path finder
Reehab Vastness or wideness.
Rehan One who is the King of people
Reheeq One who is smart, handsome or elegant.
Rehza To wish for something strongly
Reihan Variant of Rejhan, meaning basil plant.
Rejhan Basil plant
Rekan Runnel or spring waterway
Renas Mentor or pioneer
Reshbin A male name given to Muslim Boys
Reshteen Of truthful nature and character
Reuf Very merciful
Revaz He who is wealthy and successful
Rezeya A muslim baby Boy name
Riaasat One who is the leader of the entire state
Rib’i A Vernal plant that appears in the springtime

Muslim Baby Boy Names starting with S

Saeed Happy; Fortunate; Felicity; A variant spelling is Sayid
Sultan He is a King, a Sultan. He rules others
Saadee The lord or the master
Sabawoon A Pashtun term for dawn or morning
Sabght Color given by Allah, true faith,
Sabit Firmly in place, or unshakeable.
Sabtu Malay word for Saturday.
Safan He who is brave, bold, and courageous,
Safet Best part or pure
Sahar Gul Morning flower
Sahil A shore, a coastline
Saib A man who is sound in judgement.
Saif Arabic word meaning summer
Sair A passionate and enthusiastic human being.
Sajid A man who worships God
Salib Lebanese term for pointing out someone’s error.
Salim One who is peaceful
Salimgerey Safe, secure and healthy
Salman He who is safe and peaceful
Sameed A leader, king or lord. One who is beneficence.
Sameh The one who is forgiving.
Samir An entertaining companion
Samroze A fruitful tree
Samsam A sharp sword
Samsor Fresh, ripe, blooming and flourishing

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