Whatsapp status for love

Best love status collection for Whatsapp. Nowadays, everyone exposes their love and filling in social media. Whatsapp is one of the most popular social media to share love status. For all, I am going to share here love WhatsApp status for girlfriend in Bangla and English. So that Bengali people can share their best WhatsApp love status on WhatsApp.

Love and happiness are the most precious things in human life. Read Bangla love sms here. If you are loving to share your deep feeling on Whatsapp, this will be a great source for you.  I have listed here all the latest and new Whatsapp status for love from famous people quotes. If your girlfriend love to read Whatsapp status for boyfriend. Are you looking for tips and tricks on how to make him love you? I think these Whatsapp love message Bangla collection will help you How to make him love you?

Whatsapp status for love

Especially, after reading these Whatsapp status love in English you will able to know any way to make your lover happy.

Can’t describe the feeling of falling in love..But it feels like when you look at that someone special.. the person is also looking at you at the same time.

I just have one reason why I smile all through the day and time. That reason starts with your name and ends on your sight.

Love someone in life whose not with you physically but also emotionally. #love goals

I have heard people saying that love is the most complicated thing on this earth. I feel that love is the sweetest thing one can experience.

I know that every love story in life is beautiful but I find my love story the most wonderful. #I love you so much!

The most awesome thing that I have ever experienced in my life is the late night love conversations with my sweetheart.

I often check my last seen and there is a reason so…I check for your last seen at so that I can think about you.

love Whatsapp status for girlfriend

My heart skips a beat when I see you..My heart beats faster when I touch you and my heart will stop working when if I can’t be with you.

I simply have two choices in my life, I can either live in love or I can die for my love. I don’t have a middle choice.

Love is a simple four letter word in life but when someone special enters the sight, the word changes its meaning.

I am in love and I don’t know how it happened but I know for sure that my love for that person is true.

I have a smile on my face when I think about you..I have that blush on my face when I feel you around me. I am in love.

I have a craving for your love so deep my love that even the ocean would get jealous of me. #pure love!

In the millions of people and in the crowd unknown, only your name gives me respite untold. I love you!

My love is incomplete without you and your name in life. I love you more than you know!

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Immature love would say that I love you because I need you so much in life and mature love would say that I need you because you are my love.

Love is a strong word and it has many feelings and emotions in life. Simply don’t misuse the word or fake it with your smile.

One thing that came to my mind when I first saw you was love. And this love for you shall never change in life.

Real happiness and real love is giving up for each other’s sake. To see someone happy in life and to be the smile of that someone.

whatsapp status love in English

Love is so deep when I am with you. Love feels so warm when I cuddle you in my arms. Love is like bliss when I am in your company.

Love is like a rope when both the persons hold it tight it does not lose its grip, but if one of the people leaves, it hurts the other one so deep.

Things do change with time and life does not always remain the same. But one emotion that does not change is love.

That one moment becomes special when you are in love. True love!

Your love has changed me so much that I can’t really recognize myself in the mirror anymore.

Don’t cheat in love as it’s the biggest insult to the word love.

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