Whatsapp status for boyfriend

We are sharing here amazing Whatsapp love status for a boyfriend. Express your deep love and chose best Whatsapp true love status and quotes from the list below. You can send him these cute love Whatsapp status. In every girl’s life, a boyfriend is a superhero. Every day, she wants to write a new love status for her boyfriend. I think, today we are going to share some best love status ever you read.

From where you are staying you can read us over the internet.  Every girl must share cool WhatsApp status with her boyfriend when they are using WhatsApp. Almost, you should send him Bangla Whatsapp status for boyfriend. In general, Bengali people love to share WhatsApp love status in Bangla. If you have a boyfriend and looking for Best WhatsApp love status and for a girlfriend, read out our cute love WhatsApp status message from below.

Whatsapp status for boyfriend

I don’t know how but I got connected to you through my heart. and I think you and me are ideal together in love. and I love you!

I can’t define how much I love you, but I know for sure that my love is like the sea. #deep and can’t be measured.

Dreams do come true and I know it for sure. You are like a dream in my life and I don’t want this to ever get over. #mydream

I know I haven’t told you about my love so if you are reading this message then know that I am in love with you.

My boy has the best smile in the world, and when I see him smile, it melts my heart forever. #love your smile.

I will never ask you to change my boy, my love because you are perfect the way you are in life. #you are perfect in life!

I think meeting you was in my destiny and knowing you was pure luck and falling in love with you is my life’s only purpose.

Best Whatsapp love status for boyfriend

Best Whatsapp love status for boyfriend

I never really have a fear in my life, I don’t fear water and fire. I just fear to lose you my love of life.

So close as I feel being with you..so close I feel being beside you. You stay in my heart forever my love.

I won’t promise to solve your problem in life but I can rest assure you that I will stand by your side during your tough times.

I promise that I never think about you the whole day because you never go out of my mind even for a day. #love you

A relationship is built on trust and understanding in life. I am glad that I have a partner who understands my needs. Trust you!

You stay in my heart and you have occupied my mind. I can’t imagine my life without you, my boy.

I just want to cuddle and feel the warmth in your arms where I would just melt and you would never let me go.

Cool WhatsApp status for boyfriend

Cool WhatsApp status for boyfriend

I have an honest confession to make this day that you make me feel like the luckiest woman of the world.

I live in the circle of your love and your longing in life, a circle which has no boundaries. #pure love

If you feel lonely and if you feel alone…just look into your heart because that is where you would find me. I love you!

Today someone gave me a cupcake but I did not eat and said that I have a cupcake in my life. It’s you, my love.

Whatsapp status quotes for boyfriend

Whatsapp status quotes for boyfriend

I thought that true love does not exist in life but you have changed my perception. With you, I have experienced true love.

When you talk to me it touches my heart my boy and when you come close and kiss me, it touches my soul.

Someone just caught me smiling the other day and you know what was the reason…I heard your name somewhere and it made me smile.

You are like a wine my boy; your love is so addictive and intoxicating that I feel like being with you all the time.

The more I spend time with you, the more I fall in love with you. The more I hear you speak to me the more I just want to be with you.

You are special to me in every way and I just can’t express my feelings to you in a right way. I love you so much!

There is no definition of a perfect boyfriend. For me, you are and will remain perfect forever!

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