Whatsapp Status for attitude

Here is the best Whatsapp Status for attitude for those who love to share their thought in Whatsapp. Nowadays, most of the people do not know how to react on social media. I think they will know how to use or how to show attitude on social media. So, read out our exclusive cool status for WhatsApp in English from the below list.

Whatsapp Status for attitude

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Hey, I have not changed. I am the same person. I only understood the meaning between real and fake.

If criticizing is insulting, then I will do it time and again..I believe in calling a spade a spade. True Lies!

Do you think that I am weird..then well you should check me out when I am in a good mood. Yes, you should!

The way you treat me in life is the way I will do..it’s the tit for tat role for me. You better treat me good!

Do you keep on reading my changing status from time to time…they get a life..If you have one.

I am super cool by nature…I was always cool..This is just the effect of global warming that is taking a toll…Haha

Wait…I have found something on that side of the road…oh well look at this. This is your famous attitude. Change yourself!

My personality is for the people I love the most and my attitude is for people who get jealous of me. Got my point already!

cool status for WhatsApp in English

Life is too short my friends…don’t waste by reading this status message and well last seen on.

I think I had started my life with nothing..But today I think I have most of it.. #confusing as ever to be

Hey, we are pure vegans..And we simply can’t pretend to be fake in life..So I think you should get a life.

Hey, we are non-vegans…we believe in doing things at the moment…So leave everything behind.

My life is mine, right? So why do you poke your dirty nose every time? Stay off my life for once!

Sometimes you just succeed in whatever you do. Sometimes life is just a pure lesson for you.

status for whatsapp in english for boy

Time is too precious in life…so waste it if you think that you can live twice… #wise words

I may not win with time but I can go with the flow. Life will surely take me there one day!

My time is jealous of my bond with my bed… ha-ha. It is really hard to wake-up man!

I tried my best to be like you in life…but my character told me otherwise… Be original in life.

Life is only for four days they say…so why are you wasting your time on Whatsapp!

Just stay silent and fool will get his reply in life. Silence is the best policy.

whatsapp status for attitude person

Please don’t judge me by my pastor yesterday…because I don’t stay they any more or say!

Why are you looking at me…I already know that I am smart enough for you. I am smart and I know!

That is not my attitude my friend..it’s just my character which you can’t handle.

I am different and I know it…I feel sorry that you have nothing to flaunt. Feel sorry for you!

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