10 Ways To Know If He or She is Hiding Something

Do you want to know if she is hiding her true feelings from you? Generally, it is very hard to understand Women. But  You can make assumptions based on her current behavior. There is only one way to understand women. Firstly, ask her and wait for her to approach. Secondly, observe her behavior for a period of time. 

Eye contact is one of a great sign if a girl likes you or not, especially, if she is doing it always that means she likes you. Another sure way to know is to watch for what’s called preening. This is when she may put lip gloss or lipstick on in front of you or play with her hair to try and look more attractive for you. If it’s not one of these obvious signs, the only other sure ways to know is again, if she approaches you or you approach her. Anything else won’t mean anything and could very well be just friendly play. If she’s demonstrating friendly play with you, you better believe she’s doing it with other guys too. If she was sexually attracted to you, she would reserve certain behavior with you and you ONLY. This behavior, of course, is the preening and eye contact behavior she most likely won’t share with anyone else.

10 Ways To Know If He or She is Hiding Something

  1. She or he suddenly make new friends that want to hang around all the time and he/she never really mentions them to you.
  2. He or she has mood swings.
  3. He or she is very cold and distant from you.
  4. Also, He or she is always lying to you.
  5. He or she seems very nervous such as shutting off his/her phone when you enter the room.
  6. He or she is being too nice more than usual.
  7. You aren’t physically intimate with him or her for a period of time.
  8. He or she always makes you feel guilty.
  9. There’s no communication between both of you and you don’t know what’s been happening in their life.
  10. He or she always comes home late, night after night.

If you are worried she doesn’t love you then think about how you can better that situation…but making decisions you are both comfortable with and are having fun doing then it’s tough to hide joy. Much easier to hide the disappointment in my view. So just keep things fun and go along with her.

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