questions to ask a girl over text

There are many people who are love to ask a question a girl over text message. Conversation over text is a little bit deferent than talking in front of someone. In general, most of the boys can not express their feeling in front of their crush. So, it is a great chance for questions to ask over text to keep a conversation going.

Today, I am here to present you the most heart wining Relationship questions to ask a girl over text. With these sweet question, you can easily win your girlfriend’s heart. From the below, you will get 100 romantic questions to ask a girl over text. Also, you will find some great idea and good conversation topics to ask a girl over text message.


Questions to ask a girl over text

At the beginning of the conversation, you can ask her some traditional question. It will help you to keep a conversation long. If she will continue the conversation with you for a long time, it is a good sign for you. If you do not know her before then you can start your conversation like below,

Q1. Anybody here?

This could be your first question to ask your unknown crush on social media.

Q2. Now, you can ask her, about her name, exchange of compliments.

Q3. Meanwhile, you have to tell her about yourself. By this time you can send her some memes. And wait for her replay. If she replays with memes like your memes, it will be your first achievement. You can end your first conversation with your Facebook crush and wait for the next conversation.

Q4. In this step, your task is to visit her Social media profile and find out what is she like, what she wants to love a share on her profile. Read her status and comments and try to guess her humorous. By examining all these things you will find a good topic to a conversation with her. Also, a few days you have to alter when she come in online and what she doing in her profile.


Cute questions to ask a girl

Q5. Now you can ask her family member. What do your father and mother do? What are your brother and sister do?

Q6. In this section, you can ask her about a recent topic like, what movie she watches last week? What type of movie she like most. Is she like a horror movie? Or she likes romantic and family movie. You have to ask these question in order to know her like and dislike. These will help you to win her love.

Q7. After that, you should ask her some personal question like, What is the date of your birthday? How to celebrate your birthday? Do you invite your friends to your birthday party? These question will express, how much you care about her.

Q8. Now, its high time to know her best color. What type of gift she like? Color is a big factor for a girl. So, before buying any gift for her be aware of color.


Funny questions to ask a girl

Asking funny question is a great idea for a long conversation with a girl. Most of the girl like a smiling face. Tell some funny story, share funny memes, ask her favorite animated cartoon character.

Q9. which Disney movie do you like most? In this section, you can share some popular Disney movie with her.

Q10. Then, ask her, what flavor ice cream do you like?

Q11. which toy story character you like?

Q12. what is your cat name?

More, questions to ask a girl over text will be added in his page daily. Keep visiting this page daily. Our website is the best place to get questions to ask a girl.


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