How to Take a Screenshot in Windows | Best 7 Free Screenshot software

This tutorial will teach you how to take a screenshot on Windows computer. Those people who are running Windows 8 and 10 os on their Computers can use a keyboard shortcut to automatically take a full-screen screenshot. Also, all Windows operating system allows taking a full-screen screenshot by using the “Print Screen” button. There are some alternative methods, such as using the Snipping Tool or Screenshot free software to take a screenshot and taking a screenshot on a Surface, are equally as effective.

Taking a Full-Screen Screenshot on Windows 8 and 10

Go to the screen that you want to screenshot. To take a screenshot you have to follow some steps. Follow the following steps to take your desire screenshot from your computer screen.

Firstly, go to “Print Screen” key on your keyboard. The  Print Screen key will be found in the upper-right side of the main keyboard. So, find that key from your keyboard and follow the steps we state in below.

Free Screenshot software

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  • The Print Screen key will usually be abbreviated to “PrtSc” or something similar.

Press the windows key and the Print Screen key at a time. Doing that it will take a screenshot of your computer current views screen; in this cases, you will see that the screen turns into a dark shadow.

  • Your screen won’t die if your computer has certain display settings disabled. This is most common on old computers on which you upgraded to Windows 10.
  • If your screenshot doesn’t appear when you look for it, try pressing

How to Find the screenshot image? You will find the screenshot saved photo inside of the “Screenshots” folder, which is a stay of your computer’s c drive “Pictures” folder. When you are taking multiple screenshots the name of that picture be labeled “Screenshot (number)”.

List of the Best Free Screenshot Apps for Windows

If you are searching for free screen capture software for your windows computer, you are in right place. Here you will find Best Free Screenshot Apps for Windows 10, 8. This software is totally free for personal use. You can download these apps from their official website. Taking Screenshot using tools is the best and easy way. So, download any of the tools you want to download and install in your pc for capturing Screenshot on windows pc.

  1. Gadwin PrintScreen
  2. DuckLink Screen Capture
  3. Greenshot
  4. SnapCrab
  5. FastStone Capture
  6. Snappy
  7. PicPick Tools

Above mentioned tools are the best tools for taking windows pc screenshot.