How to download music from soundcloud

SoundCloud is one of the best music streaming web store. For this reason, it has attracted so many popular new and upcoming music artists. You can get new release music tracks there and you may want to download on your mobile some of them for offline playing. But not all of them are not downloadable. If you don’t see a download button, it means that the owner who uploaded it did not mean for it to be downloadable. Now, How to download music from SoundCloud? Then you need to make full use of some third party tools to download your desired track.

Actually, there are many online free tools that are capable of downloading SoundCloud music tracks. If you are looking for free tools, you can use SoundCloud Downloader, or Chrome “SoundCloud Downloader Free” browser extension.

1. Official Method for SoundCloud Downloading

SoundCloud lets artists choose if they want others to download their music from SoundCloud or not. That’s why many songs on SoundCloud have a direct download button available. You can easily download any song from Soundcloud by clicking on this button. In case, you didn’t notice the download button before, just have a look at the image below (it’s usually available after share button).

How to download music from soundcloud

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2. Download SoundCloud Songs using SoundCloud downloader chrome

In this section, you will How to download music from SoundCloud using Chrome extension. In this method, You have to use the Google Chrome browser for downloading songs from SoundCloud. To do this first you must download Chrome extension from here because it’s necessary. Anyhow for downloading songs from SoundCloud using Chrome follow the steps below.

  • Open the and browse your favorite the song which you want to download and open that songs page.
  • Play the songs for a few seconds (it’s necessary).
  • Now open Inspect Elements on Chrome (Right-click and choose to Inspect Element) and navigate to – Resources>Frames>{page name}>Media.
  • You will see one file; That’s the song. Now you can right-click and copy link address to download the song.

SoundCloud downloader chrome

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