Hard Would you rather Questions

16 hard Hard Would you rather Questions for everyone. Those who are not confident about yourself let take this hardest would you rather test. If you score a good point you are the bravest person and you have the ability to influence others. Today, we are going to publish here 16 most asking would you rather questions for you.

Hard Would you rather Questions

Firstly, read the following questions very carefully and then try to answer. Surely these question list will improve your mental health. Make you more confident about yourself and open a new chapter in your life. You will get new inspiration to get start a new journey.

would you rather

  1. Would you rather a witch turn you into a frog or turn you into a mouse?
  2. Would u rather have huge lips or have huge eyes?
  3. Would you rather have loved and lost or never loved at all?
  4. Would u rather receive as a present these puppies or receive as a present these kittens?
  5. would you rather questions funny
  6. would you rather be stranded at sea or get lost the desert?
  7. Would u rather have one wish granted today or three wishes granted in 1 year?
  8. Would you rather take the blue pill (wonderland) or the red pill (the truth)?

would you rather questions funny

  1. Would u rather eat a snail or a frog?

Best Would you rather Questions

  1. would you rather be a chased by a clown or never use your phone again?
  2. would u rather fall down a well or be kicked by a horse?

hard would you rather questions

  1. would you rather never celebrate Chrismas or never celebrate your birthday?
  2. would u rather live in the Harry Potter universe or live in the pokemon universe?
  3. Would you rather be too early or be a little bit late?
  4. Would u rather be crowned king or queen or save 1000 kittens & puppies from dying?
  5. Would you rather eat paper or eat plastic?

good would you rather questions

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