Grain Names in English List Of Different Types Of Grains

Learn grain names in English, Bengali, Hindi and Sanskrit. This list is very helpfull for school going kids. Grain are the most essential part of our ecosystem. When you are trying to teach your kids all the grain names, here we have collected the best list for you. Here you will get top 10, 20 and 5 type of grain name.

Grain names in English

Here are some common grain names in English:

  1. Rice
  2. Wheat
  3. Corn (Maize)
  4. Oats
  5. Barley
  6. Rye
  7. Quinoa
  8. Millet
  9. Sorghum
  10. Buckwheat
  11. Amaranth
  12. Spelt
  13. Kamut
  14. Teff
  15. Farro (Emmer)
  16. Freekeh
  17. Bulgur
  18. Triticale
  19. Fonio
  20. Job’s tears (Coix seed)

There are many other lesser-known grains as well, but these are some of the most common.

Grain names in Bengali

Here are some common grain names in Bengali:

Barley বার্লি Barli
Beans শিম sima
Bengal Gram চিনাবাদাম Cinabadama
Maize ভুট্টা Bhutta
Millet জামা Jama
Paddy ধান Dhana
Pea মটর Matara
Ragi খামির Khamira
Rice ভাত Bhata
Sorghum জ্বর Jbara
Wheat গম Gama

Grain names in Hindi

Here are some common grain names in Hindi:

10 common animals Name in Bengali Grains Name In English Grains Name In Hindi
1). Pulse दाल
2). Maize मकई
3). Mustard सरसों, राई
4). Paddy धान
5). Barley जौं
6). Bran चोकर
7). Cluster bean ग्वार
8). Castor seed अरण्डी
9). Fine flour मैदा
10). Grain अनाज
11). Great millet ज्वार
12). Lentil मसूर
13). Pigeon pea अरहर
14). Pearl Millet बाजरा
15). Sago साबूदाना
16). Semolina सूजी
17). Beaten Paddy चिबड़े
18). Buck Wheat मोथा
19). Corn अनाज, दाना
20). Flour आटा
21). Poppy seed पोस्त
22). Rice चावल
23). Sesamum तिल
24). Wheat गेहूँ
25). Field pea गोल मटर
26). Gram चना
27). Kidney bean मूँग
28). Linseed अलसी
29). Millet बाजरा, ज्वार
30). Oat जई
31). Pea मटर
32). Phaseolies mungo उड़द

Grain names in Sanskrit

Here are some common grain names in Sanskrit:

English Sanskrit
Barley यवः
Finger Millet रागीधान्यम्
Foxtail millet प्रियङ्गुः
Great Millet यवनालः
Maize स्तम्बकरिः
Millet प्रियङ्गुः
Rice तण्डुलः
Unmilled Rice धान्यम्
Wheat गोधूमः






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