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 deep love quotes that make you think

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deep love quotes
deep love quotes

deep quotes about love for her

A man asked a rose:

Don’t u get hurt wen u r plucked?

Rose replied: No,

I forget my pain when I see that

I’m the reason for someone’s smile.


If u can explain why u love someone,

its called ‘Like’.

If u cannot explain,

its simply called ‘Love’.


Heart says to Eyes : See less,

becoz u see and I suffer a lot …

Eyes replied : Feel less,

becoz u feel and I cry a lot

If Ur Heart Is A Nice Garden

I Dont Want To Be A Rose In It

I Want To Be Grass In It Bcz

Rose Need Small Area

But I Need Total Area In Ur Heart..


Every HEART has Love & Pain!

Only way of expression is different:

Girls hide it in their gorgeous eyes,


Boys hide it in their

Handsome smile..


cute love quotes for him
cute love quotes for him



BYE is a little word,

that causes so much pain.

For the person who

likes u lot & miss u lot.

So never say BYE

always say



I hope dat u finally undrstand,

dat I will luv u until d end,

bcoz ur not just my girl,

u r also my best frnd!


Life is like a camera

so you should always

smile at evevy moment.

smile please.


If I get your smile,

I don’t need flowers.

If I get your voice,

I don’t need music.

If you speak to me,

I don’t listen any body else,

If you are with me,

I don’t need the world.

I Love You

cute love quotes for him

Boy: Hw vl u feel if i hug my female frnd

Gal: I’l feel hapy

Boy: Y?

Gal: Coz dat vl mak u sure dat

wat u feel in my arms

u cnt feel anywhr else..


My love, words however special …

could never even start,

to tell you all the love I have

for you within my heart!


Whats Love?

You Look At Her nd She Looks At u?


Luv Is Whn u Both Look At

World Together


World Says

They Look Great Together.


Good relation is not measured

when both take care of each other..

it is measured when 1 ignores &

the other still continuous…!


A Person Who Irritates u

Always Is the one Who Loves u Vry Much

But Fails to Express It…

Response is one of the powerful weapon

to occupy a place in someone’s ‘HEART’.

So, always give the best response to the person

who love you & cares for u..


Theres a warmth in my heart.

It haunts me when you’re gone.

Mend me to your side and never let go.

The more I live The more I know,

what’s simple is true,

I love you.

funny love quotes

Sometimes, it’s hard to find

words to tell you how much

you mean to me. A lot of times,

i don’t say anything at all.

But i hope someday, you’ll understand,

having you is what i live for.

funny love quotes
funny love quotes

There are lot of people

who call you by your name ……

But there is only one person

who call it makes such a lovely sound

Its Easier 2 Undrstnd sum1,

Its evn mre Easier 2 Misundrstnd Sum1,

but the Most toughest Job is 2 Undrstnd

that you misundrstood someone.


Love is like an onion

More u feel more u cry


Whats Love?

You Look At Her nd She Looks At u?


Luv Is Whn u Both Look At

World Together


World Says

They Look Great Together.


Love is when you take away

the feeling, the passion, the romance..

and you find out..

you still care for the person…

short love quotes for him
short love quotes for him


short love quotes for him

Please remind me 2 remind U

about reminding me to send U

this reminder that reminds me of reminding U

that U never have to remind me 2 remember U,


Love u when u smile at me coz u make me crazy.

Love u when u talk to me coz u make me run out of words.

Love u when I see u coz u make me luv u more.


You can show love to everyone

but u can show anger to only who is close to you,

so anger is always higher love.


Fate brought the both of us together.

So naturally when you look at us,

you will think we match each other.

Coz we are make to be for each other.

I love the way you make me happy,

and the ways you show your care.

I love the way you say,

“I Love You”, and the way you’re always there.


My past says u met me

My future says u wil care 4 me

My present says u wil understand me

But my heart says u wil

Always Remember ME!


IT Doesn’t Mean Sticking To A Person…

When You Don’t Have Any Option…

It Means Keeping A Relation With Someone…

Even Though You’ve Lots Of Options…



A true heart person doesn’t love a million girls,

he loves one girl in a million ways.


Take my eyes but let me see U…

Take my mind but let me Think about U…

Take my Hand but let me Touch U…

But don’t try to take my Heart

coz its already with U..

meaningful quotes

I love the spring mornings,

the afternoons in autumn,

the winter evenings

and the summer nights

but you I love more sweet heart

Only true Love Understands…

The Language Of Our Eyes…

Only True Love Knows When…

These Eyes Hide The Tears…

Deep Within And How To…

Make These Tears Die!

I looked at a sweet, beautiful rose

And then I looked at you

And I kept looking at you

For the rose ain’t as beautiful as you

Sweet candies are nice to eat …

Sweet words are easy to say …

but, sweet ppl are hard to find …

OH MY GOD! how did u find me?

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