cute nicknames for girlfriend that make her happy

Here are the top 10 cute nicknames for girlfriend that make her happy. All lover want to make their girlfriend happy by doing many interesting things. Sometimes, they go to the cinema hall to watch a movie. Also, they visit a restaurant and a popular place to enjoy their time. A boyfriend doing all of these only make her girlfriend happy. Calling a cute nickname is a great idea to make your girlfriend happy. When you are dating her or talking over the phone you can use these nicknames for girlfriend.

 cute nicknames for girlfriend

There is much reason, you should choose the right nickname to call your girlfriend. If you want to make her angry, you have to choose a funny nickname for her. If you want to make her face smile you have to choose a romantic name for girlfriend. From the below list you can choose, cute names to call your girlfriend.

List of Cute nicknames for girls

1. Baby girl/  Baby Doll: If your girlfriend looks like a doll you can call her.

2. Queen: With this nickname, you can impress her greatly.

3. Juliet– If she is the heroine of your tale.

4. Daisy– If she is delicate like a flower.

5. Honey– A classic rolls on the tongue.

6. Cinderella– As she is a princess in your eyes.

7. sweet-heart– If she is sweet and sincere.

8. Dream-girl– As she is the girl of your dreams.

9. Meow – If she cuddles you like a kitty or simply for a cat lover.

10. Twinkle / Twinkie – Fairly cute.

How to choose a right nickname for a girlfriend?

In general, everyone has a nickname or family name. When are starting to go to school some friends call you a new nickname. If you want to choose a nickname for your gf you have to follow some steps. Firstly, you have to choose adorable, cute and romantic nicknames for her. And finally, take some time to call your girlfriend with a cute nickname

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