Romantic Bengali love poems collection

Romantic Bengali love poems collection for lovers. Are searching for bangla love poems for girlfriend? I am sharing here some heart touching Bengali romantic poems lines for you and your loved one. You can share this love poem to your best friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, and husband. I think you can easily impress your loved one by sending this romantic Bangla poem collection.

Also, you can show your love affection to her by sharing Bengali love poems with her. Sometimes when your mood is off, read this love poems collection your mind will be fresh. In the age of modern science and technology, people are searching for love, emotion on the internet. A love poems sms works live a magic. After getting this magical romantic Bengali love poems collection she will be very glad.

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Bengali love poems

Valobasha Kno vibad mane nah

ai mon tumay sara kisu buje nah.


akso akta ful na dile naki valobasha hoy nah,

ami tuma k sat rongga akash dibo

ak gusso moyur ar palok dibo valobashbe amay.

Bengali love poems


Kothay kothay holo valobasha

tuma k pabo aicilo mor ashsa

payesi aj chad o tara

tumak paye aj ami dishe hara

lal gulaper tumay shuvassa

ai more prothom valobasha

কতো যে ভালোবাসি

আমি কতো যে ভালোবাসি

তোমাকে ‘কবিতা’;

হৃদয় সতত তোলপাড় করে

নিয়েছ তুমিও যেন আমায়

আপন করে;

সাজাতে তোমায় খুঁজে ফিরি

যে  দিন   তোমায়   আমি   প্রথম   দেখি ,   
সেদিন থেকে হৃদয় মাঝে তোমার ছবি আঁকি।
কি  অপরূপ  তুমি !   দেখিনি    আগে , 
যত দেখি তোমায় ততই ভালো লাগে ।
ভালো  লাগার  মাঝেও  তুমি  ভালো, 
তাইতো তোমায় আমি বেসেছি ভালো । 

Here is an excellent collection of Romantic Bengali love poems. Also, you will find bengali love poem in Bengali font from here. I have collected this love poem from different books and website. You will find here bengali poems on love by rabindranath tagore. Before buying any gift for her, send one of this, I sure this small gift will make her happier. Everyone wants to make her / his loved one happy by doing something special.

Bengali love poems

Bengali love poems collection

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