20 Sweet Birthday Text messages for ex girlfriend

Top 20 text Birthday messages to send to your ex-girlfriend. If you are thinking of your ex-girlfriend and wanted to tell her something, read our Birthday message for ex-girlfriend quotes. You can remind her of the old days of memory. Tell her that you loved her still because you never forget her. Your world has no meaning without her. You can write her a letter describing old day memories. This will make her emotional and she might find a cause to contact you again. also, tell her that she is the cause of your happiness. The relation between you is her here words are not enough to describe it.  Worlds are not enough to express how beautiful you are.

Without you, Life has never been better. In every single moment, you missed your ex-girlfriend. I think this And you will love your ex-girlfriend forever. Non can take her place in your mind. You can wait for her forever. When you close your eyes you see your ex-girlfriend’s face. Also, when you open your eyes you can see only her face everywhere.

Birthday messages for ex-girlfriend


I still remember those days

I still remember those lovely ways

It was a dream being with you

Every day was awesome and new

Things are not the same now

I do not want to express it how

But I still love you

Yes, I do miss you

Wishing a Happy Birthday to you!


My heart did break when you left

Leaving me in state of deft

I cried for long when you had gone

I cried for days for you

I have moved on in life

You have moved on too

But it’s your birthday today

So wanted to wish you

Happy Birthday to you!


There was something magical

It was a moment in time

I wanted to be with you forever

I wanted to be with you in life

Things have changed for sure

Now you are not in my life

Still I wish you well for life

Happiest Birthday to you!

I still remember our cute fights

I still remember those tight hugs

I still remember those whispers

I still remember those kisses

I still remember you and

Your love in the eyes I could see

I still miss you..But it’s only destiny

Happy Birthday to you!

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Birthday wishes messages for ex-girlfriend

For all the good times we had

For all the lovely moments we shared

For all the times when you were with me

It was a feeling of ecstasy

For the love that we once shared

For the way that I cared

Just want to wish you well

Happy Birthday to you dear!


I still check out your profile picture

I still read your tweets

I still follow you on Instagram

I still have that loving message with me

I still have a part of you in me

I still miss you, my dear,

Today it is your special day

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!



Things really did not work between us

But then this is called life

I have no hard feelings for you

Because the love that we shared

Was so pure and so true

Yes I do miss you

But I always want the best for you

Dear wishing a Happy Birthday to you!

Birthday messages for my ex-girlfriend

I know that you have moved on

I know that you have chosen your way

I know that things are not the same

I know that there is no one to blame

Still, I wish well for you

I still remember you

As I remembered your birthday

Wishing you a very Happy birthday!


Deep down I pretend that I have moved on

But my heart knows the truth

Deep down I know it is all over

I have no feelings to show

Still somewhere inside me

I have some memories

Which make me remember you

I still long for you somewhere

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to you!


I miss you is an understatement for me

Since the time we have broken up

I miss you each day of my life

Baby, it’s true that I have not

Been able to move on in life

Missing you each moment of my life

Today is your special day

So I want to wish you a

Very Happy Birthday!


The heart that longs has no heal

I have followed you all from my heart

I will follow you all through

So what if we are not together anymore

Know that I have always respected you

I will still do that in time

Wishing you all the happiness

Happy Birthday to you!


Wishes messages for an ex-lover

Things may not be the same

We may not be together

There is no one I want to blame

It was all destiny, that bought us

Where we are today

I will always wish well for you

I will wish good for you each day

Happy Birthday to you

May you stay happy all through!



I know you may feel awkward

That I have messaged to wish you

But believe me, there are no hard

Feelings in my heart for you

Believe I always wanted

And would want the best for you

Because I remember all the lovely

Moments we spent in through

Happy Birthday wishes to you!


May your birthday be as bright

As that super shining light

We may not be together today

We may not meet each other

Still, I remember you

I wish that you get what

Your heart tells and desires

I still want the best for you

As I still have feelings for you

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to you!



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